How to Maximise Goodwill

A businesswoman I know says that Goodwill is simply to the ability to make money from the underlying assets. She is absolutely right. The more money which can be made from those assets in the practice, the higher should be the Goodwill. In that definition lies all the clues to its maximisation. Some would feel […]

Let’s bake a cake!

We have some flour…… how much? We have water, we have eggs, how many? Salt? Sugar? How much? We have an oven …. what temperature? For how long? Forward looking practices have been starting to consider their direction over the last few months, as there have undoubtedly been major changes in how patients view going […]

So you want to get out?

I would be rich if I had a pound for every time someone has told me they want ‘out’ in the past six months. I would be a lot less rich if I were paid only if it was the right thing to do. Dental practices have really struggled this past two years, with patient […]

Thomas Dickson discusses the new crossroads dental professionals are finding themselves at in the post-COVID-19 world

The pandemic and resulting lockdowns have undoubtedly caused many dentists to re-evaluate their lives and priorities. Many have found themselves at a new and unexpected crossroad, one they hadn’t anticipated and one that may look very different to how they saw their career trajectory panning out pre-March 2020. Although man of us regularly question our work/life […]

3 Ways to Energise Your Reception Team

Your receptionist greets her 20th patient of the day. Answers her umpteenth call. She’s done this every working day for weeks, years. So it’s vital to help her to maintain the energy and enthusiasm you need her to exhibit in order to provide an appealing first impression of your business. I’ve witnessed how those on […]

10 Steps to predictable, lower tax bills

It’s amazing how many business owners are not advised of their tax payments in advance. This includes dentists.  The shock and anxiety an unexpectedly large bill can cause is avoided when your accountant follows this annual tax planning process: PRE-YEAR END 1. Review of your family goals An accountant looking to make a difference to […]

The First Step to Overcome Your Competition

A dentist I met this week has a new competitor in town. It’s disconcerting when your competition increases. But having confidence that your patient experience is strong will help alleviate your concerns. I shared tips on enhancing this area last month. Your patient experience begins with the first contact with your practice. You can encourage potential new […]

The Truth about Your Patient Experience

According to Harvard Business School, there is one key measurement in business: How likely are your patients to recommend others to your business, on a scale of 1-10? They suggest if this rating is 9 or 10, you’ve got a great practice. They also suggest if it’s less than 9, you’re not working hard enough […]