Thomas Dickson discusses the new crossroads dental professionals are finding themselves at in the post-COVID-19 world

The pandemic and resulting lockdowns have undoubtedly caused many dentists to re-evaluate their lives and priorities. Many have found themselves at a new and unexpected crossroad, one they hadn’t anticipated and one that may look very different to how they saw their career trajectory panning out pre-March 2020. Although man of us regularly question our work/life […]

Are lenders still lending?

The economic situation over the last couple of years, with the government having to support several banks, has resulted in a huge change in the way banks lend money. So what are lenders looking for, to enable them to lend you money? Deposit Lenders are now pricing interest rates be it fixed or variable based […]

Braving the stock market

For the untrained eye, the stock market may appear too volatile an ocean for novice investors to dip their toes into these days. Of course, the rewards that smart investing can bring are often astounding but for those of us who cannot swim, the losses are equally as impressive. However, with astute investing advice from […]

Income Shifting

Income shifting as defined by the Government is where one individual can shift their income to another in order to gain a tax advantage – and they don’t like it. They are therefore proposing to introduce new legislation effective from 6 April 2008 which could potentially affect hundreds of dentists. This all started when East […]


Thomas Dickson is a partner in Essential Money and a members of the The Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists (ASPD). Following the recent significant changes within the pension industry, and with reform of the NHS Pension Scheme under debate, it seems an appropriate time to review the situation. NHS Pensions The proposed changes are […]