Selling your practice in an independent Scotland

Does the question of independent Scotland threaten the value of your practice? Martyn Bradshaw offers his opinion. The funding of dentistry in Scotland already operates independently from England and Wales. The SNP has pledged to continue to fund a Scottish NHS if they achieve their aim of independence following the referendum in September 2014. Opinion […]

Private practice values – not all practices are equal

There is a disparity in the sale values achieved for different types of practice. Steve McCarron explores what affects the price buyers will pay There has been much in the press about the increase in goodwill values of dental practices over recent years. Often this relates to NHS practices and it is a common misconception […]

DF1 to first associate job – Money FAQs

Jon Drysdale and Adam Hemingway of specialist dental financial advisers and accountants PFM Dental cover the financial issues facing new associates. If you have just secured your first associate post and start self-employment in late summer, then congratulations! You may be expecting a healthy uplift in income once you start your new job and we […]

Income Protection – Have you got it covered?

Self-employed dentists are responsible for their own sick pay provision with little guaranteed benefits available from the practice or PCT. Whilst many dentists have some cover in place, this is often not sufficient to provide full cover as earnings grow. What do dentists claim for? Claims statistics from Dentists’ Provident, reveal the reasons for claims […]

Planning for retirement – don’t rely on the NHS

‘my vision over time is to move increasingly towards defined contribution rather than final salary schemes’ for the public sector. (David Cameron November 2008) Dentists should reduce their reliance on the NHS pension to fund their retirement. Massive government debt includes a public sector pension liability of £650 bn. Both Gordon Brown and David Cameron […]