Author “Harry Winter o MA (Cantab) ATTII AFA. Of Dental Business Solutions, Who are members of the Association of Specialist Providers to Dentist (ASPD) ASPD meber companies work together to provide comprehensive solutions, each member of the ASPD network is a dental industry specialist committed to overcoming challenges faced by dental professionals. After reading History […]

Employing Migrant Workers

Constantly changing demographics mean that dental practices need to ensure that they recruit and retain from a diverse pool if they are to service the needs of their patients and in some cases their non-UK professional staff.There can be tremendous benefi ts to the practice in employing migrant workers but as an employer you are […]

Inheritance Tax: The Bullet That Bears Your Name

The recent increase in the Inheritance Tax nil band from £285,000 to £300,000 [for 2009/2010 now £325,000 Ed] has again failed to keep pace with house price inflation and leaves an increasing number of dentists in a new tax net. Harry winter, tax partner at Dental Business Solutions an a member of the Association of […]