How to Set Up Your Dentist Facebook Page

Everybody needs to go to the dentist. We know that, and so do (most of) our potential patients. But how can you make sure it’s your practice they end up visiting? Traditionally, a lot of us have relied on reputation and word of mouth, and both are still huge drivers today. It’s just that our […]

Veale Wasbrough Vizard’s Healthcare Team Recognised Among Best in the UK

Chambers UK, the world’s largest researching guide for lawyers, has given Veale Wasbrough Vizard’s (VWV) Healthcare team the highest ranking – Band 1. Five out of seven ranked lawyers in this section are from VWV. As part of the research carried out by Chambers UK, VWV’s Healthcare lawyers have been praised for being “knowledgeable, proactive and […]

Avoiding the intellectual property trap

Intellectual property (IP) often hits the news, be it the estate of a deceased rocker suing Led Zeppelin for copyright infringement on Stairway to Heaven, or a long lost descendant of Arthur Conan Doyle in the USA threatening to sue the BBC for infringing a European-wide trademark of the Sherlock Holmes ‘brand’, or perhaps the […]

All change / no change

All change / no change John Grant looks at the issues surrounding LATs and the NHS guidance on incorporation. Before the introduction of Local Area Teams (LATs), when we were dealing with Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), each one seemed to have a different, often conflicting viewpoint and way of working. One consequence was that it […]

Associate & Hygienist Agreements, are they needed?

In a perfect world, dentists their associates and their hygienists would work alongside each other in perfect harmony. For those principals in the fortunate position of having this relationship based on mutual respect or even friendship, it is sometimes easy albeit erroneous to assume that a verbal working agreement will suffice. However, it is important […]

Preparing For The Worst – Death of an NHS Contractor

It is widely known to NHS dental contract holders that there is no right for a contractor to sell, assign or otherwise dispose of the benefit of any rights under the contract. This has not, however, prevented NHS practice owners in the main from selling their practices. But what happens on the event of their […]

The importance of bespoke commercial leases in dentistry

Every dentist will strive to give treatment that is tailored to the specific needs of a patient. This approach is also of applicable when looking to lease a property for use as a dental practice. Taking into account the very specific service that dentists offer, it follows that their practice will also require specific terms […]

Preparing for retirement

Retirement is an emotive subject for anyone, but if you have your own business, there is far more to consider than just giving up work. This is especially true for dentists who will have spent many years and invested so much in building and managing their practice. Being a dentist is about caring for people, […]