Give your patients the freedom to budget for their dental work by offering payment plans at your practice. Dental care payment plans allow you to offer flexible payment options, avoiding the need for hefty one-off payments that can be limiting for some patients. Providing payment plans for dental work can help patients budget for more expensive treatments. Often, cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, implants and straightening can be costly. Allowing patients to cover the costs over a payment plan instead of asking for a lump sum all in one go can make these treatments achievable. Payment plans aren’t just for expensive one-off treatments, though. You can set up regular maintenance packages to cover check ups and hygiene visits which help to prevent many serious dental problems. They can even improve the cash flow and profitability of your practice by providing a regular, predictable income. By allowing your patients to budget for their dental care, you can encourage loyalty and focus on preventative dentistry. Whether you’re opening a new practice, transferring from another provider or converting from NHS to private, get started with payment plans tailored to the dental industry. You can get in touch with our members using the contact form or give them a call or email to find more information.

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