Insurance for your dental practice needs to cover many eventualities. There’s your building, contents and dental equipment to consider. Loss or damage to drugs or vaccines should be covered too. You’ll also want to protect against loss of income and liability claims. That’s why it’s a great idea to opt for specialist dentist insurance. Unfortunately, litigation is on the rise in the dental industry so dental indemnity insurance is a must. Injury, delays in referral, and mental or physical harm to patients are covered by an indemnity policy. If you are pursued for compensation in a professional negligence claim or suffer allegations of malpractice, you’ll need a suitable policy to cover your practice. We hope you won’t need to contend with such an issue, but if you do you’ll be glad you have the right policy in place. Whether you’re looking for cover for a single dental practice or multiple sites, our members can provide. They will be able to make sure you get the right level of cover for your dentistry needs so no eventuality will leave you out of pocket. Make sure your practice has specialised dentist insurance cover that’s right for you. Get in touch using our simple contact form or use the email or telephone number provided to get quotes on specialist insurance for dental practices.

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