Disputes and complaints, whether between dental practitioners, practitioners and contractors, or between a practitioner and a patient, are almost always expensive, disruptive and time consuming especially if they finish up in court. A long winded, entrenched dispute can also damage business, social or family relations, making future co-existence either impossible or, at least, difficult. Unfortunately, however hard the parties to a dispute may try to resolve their own issues, there will always be cases where expert help from a trained mediator, who is also a specialist in healthcare and dental practice, may bring about an early, workable, conclusion to the dispute. That’s where we come in. Below are the ASPD partners who provide medical and dental dispute resolution services. They comprise nationally recognized healthcare and medical mediation experts, and offer a range of services including ADR, mediation and arbitration. If you are a dental practitioner looking for dispute resolution, they will help you to develop the communication and negotiation processes needed to reach a satisfactory solution. It’s easy to get in touch. Simply use our quick and simple contact form or call or email the provider directly, using the contact details given.

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