Dodd & Co have been dental advisers for over 30 years now and we can offer dentists far more than a set of accounts and a tax return.

We know what’s happening in your world and what’s important to you at any one time.  Regularly attending (and presenting) seminars, we’re continuously researching legislation and keeping up to date with the dental press making sure our knowledge is fresh and current.

There’s a whole list of “special stuff” that sets us apart from other non specialist advisers (calculating your net pensionable earnings, understanding how NHS pensions work and checking your record is correct for example!) but more recently we’ve had a run on assisting clients in buying AND selling practices. Getting the right price in either circumstance is of course very important and goodwill valuations, due diligence work and obtaining finance are areas we have a lot of experience in. So it’s true we can’t fit you with a crown but we are qualified to give you great advice when you need it.

Many of our clients stay with us for a lifetime.  From starting out as a foundation dentist to thinking about retirement, we are there every step of the way making sure you get the best advice through the highs (and sometimes lows) of your financial life.

Most importantly we’re good at what we do because we love our work. We have some fantastic clients that make coming into the office each day a pleasure (hey don’t get us wrong there are challenging days!). Our brilliant team at Dodd & Co deserve a special mention – we’re so lucky to have such talented and hardworking staff all as equally committed to doing a great job for our clients.

We’ll leave you with a quote from one of our clients “Dodd & Co have been instrumental in the development and growth of our practice, most impressive of all is their unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the dynamic industry of dentistry. They consistently deliver expert advice which has helped keep me and my business one step ahead of the rest”.


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