Why a great Practice Manager is worth their weight in gold

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Over the last 13 or so years I have been working with dentists, I have seen the role of the practice manager become ever more pivotal.

I propose it is one of the most important appointments you will make in your dental business.

Allow me to explain why …

Assisting the goal scoring

You may not feel you have much in common with Messrs Mourinho, Wenger and co., but just like them you run a team. And just like them you need to make it work.

A great practice manager helps you keep your team working effectively. You and your clinicians need as much time and space as possible to score goals for your team. You act as the attackers, delivering on your core practice purpose as you examine and treat your patients.

What takes your time and attention away from this key role is having to drop back into ‘midfield’. To deal with team issues. Address system breakdowns. Organise administrative duties.

A great practice manager actively occupies in the midfield position, fielding and managing these areas to get the most from your team performance.

If you have a practice manager who fails to do this consistently, you’ll see them dropping back to assist your ‘defenders’, leaving a gap in midfield which you are obliged to fill, taking you away from your role as goal scorer.

So you can see the importance of your practice manager in providing the link between your defenders and attackers. In having the skills to keep your defenders operating effectively in their roles and providing a service to you ‘up front’.

Letting the leader lead

A great practice manager will also run with the projects and actions you identify through your planning and strategy sessions.

They will delegate tasks effectively to others in your team and get your input as projects dictate.

They will manage your ‘project plan’, reporting to you on progress on a regular basis.

When you get a practice manager with this ability, it leaves you with the time and space to carry out one of the most essential tasks of a leader – assessing and predicting changes affecting your business and devising strategy accordingly (or ‘working on your business’ for short).

If you have a practice manager who doesn’t allow you the time and space to do this, you effectively have no leader in your business. And your dental business needs a leader, doesn’t it?

Keeping the score

The success of your business depends on what you and your team do every day. The activities and actions you do (or don’t) carry out.

A great practice manager will measure how well you are all doing in bringing about the success you aim for.

They will maintain robust systems to track and measure your Key Performance Indicators, reporting on these crucial underlying numbers on a regular basis and helping you focus your team on the areas which need attention.

Plus they will fill the gap between your annual accounts, delivering management accounts which show you the financial effects of your daily efforts and enable you to make well-judged decisions for your business.

A manager who truly covers these areas for you is GOLD. They could be termed your Business Manager as this is precisely what they do – manage your business. And they play a significant part in the success of your dental business and your own happiness and fulfilment.

If your practice manager needs to develop more to help you in these ways, you can still book a seat for them at our 2014 Practice Manager Mastery event at the end of this month.
This event gives your manager the chance to share best advice with other managers from across the country and learn from some of the UK’s leading advisors to practice managers.
You’ll find more information and details of booking here.

Be sure to snap up one of the last places!

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