Why Every Dentist Needs a Mentor

Having both benefited immensely from having a mentor and acting as a mentor to others during my time as a business owner and consultant, allow me to share why I urge you to get one too. First things first… What is a mentor? To answer this question, we need to start with what a mentor […]

Marketing your Dental Practice: If it moves…measure it!

Sure, you’ve heard the old adage ‘if you want to improve it, measure it’… You’ve been told how you should measure your new patient figures, recall rates, treatment conversions… But before you skip over this blog post, stop for a moment. Have you really considered just HOW powerful and beneficial this process can be? Allow me to tell […]

Marketing your Dental Practice: The 7 Big Mistakes dental teams make when dealing with calls from potential new patients

Having acted as a ‘mystery shopper’ for dentists for a number years, it’s about time I shared the 7 biggest mistakes I see dental teams make when dealing with calls from potential patients…and how you can prevent them occurring in your practice! Mistake 1 – Assuming every caller wants to be seen on the NHS […]

Marketing your Dental Practice: How you generate a rich and consistent stream of new patients via existing patients

Clear Vision’s own statistics highlight that patient recommendations remained the biggest source of new patients for UK dentists in 2013. The dental businesses which are thriving continue to focus on this key source of growth. How to provide your patients with an exquisite service and memorable moments which they will want to share was covered in my last […]

The Clear Vision Dental Business KPI Review 2013

How does your dental business stack up? Yes, I promised you the next in my series of ‘Marketing Your Dental Practice’ blogs this month. But forgive me, I’m going to share my best advice on generating a consistent stream of new patients via your existing patients next month instead. This is because an important new […]