The mystery of Goodwill valuations – what is EBITDA?

The mystery of Goodwill valuations – what is EBITDA? There are two main factors which influence dental practice goodwill values – the amount of gross fee income, and practice profitability. The NASDAL quarterly goodwill survey reports on the average of goodwill values as a percentage of gross fee income.  This is a very simple measure […]

10 Top Tips to create a great patient newsletter

They take time, so make the time you take count! Here are my 10 top tips to make your patients newsletters attractive and effective: Show you care One of the fundamental reasons for producing a patient newsletter should be to educate your patients. When you include articles on how they can improve their oral health, […]

Marketing your Dental Practice: The Top 5 Points to consider to improve your patient recall rate

So you’re working on educating your patients on the benefits of visiting you regularly. And you’ve encouraged and educated them to book their next appointment before they leave your practice. How best to recall the patients who remain resistant to this process? This was a subject which cropped up at our recent gathering of Practice […]

How to calculate and protect the lifetime value of your patients

Practice Managers have few chances to come together. Clear Vision’s recent Practice Manager Mastery Event was one of them. Part of the day was dedicated to discussing the important area of Key Performance Indicators or “KPIs”, the day-to-day numbers which influence the overall success and profitability of a dental business. Driving the improvement of KPIs continues to […]

Associate & Hygienist Agreements, are they needed?

In a perfect world, dentists their associates and their hygienists would work alongside each other in perfect harmony. For those principals in the fortunate position of having this relationship based on mutual respect or even friendship, it is sometimes easy albeit erroneous to assume that a verbal working agreement will suffice. However, it is important […]

Preparing For The Worst – Death of an NHS Contractor

It is widely known to NHS dental contract holders that there is no right for a contractor to sell, assign or otherwise dispose of the benefit of any rights under the contract. This has not, however, prevented NHS practice owners in the main from selling their practices. But what happens on the event of their […]

The importance of bespoke commercial leases in dentistry

Every dentist will strive to give treatment that is tailored to the specific needs of a patient. This approach is also of applicable when looking to lease a property for use as a dental practice. Taking into account the very specific service that dentists offer, it follows that their practice will also require specific terms […]