What’s all this about ‘making tax digital’?

If you are like the dentists we work with, you are wondering about the changes which have started to come through regarding your online tax systems. Here’s the news so far from our tax specialists… HMRC have plans to ‘simplify tax’ by 2020. They plan to obtain and present as much information as close to real […]

How dentists keep their team focused

Some dentists struggle to get their teams to follow systems and focus on opportunities when seeing patients. Firstly, It’s important you discuss any new or amended systems with your team to make sure they ‘sign up’ to them. Then it’s down to the communication structure in your practice. It’s vital to bring your team together systematically. […]

Your Associate Contract Checklist

I was recently approached by a dentist who until now has been working on a single-handed basis. He was eager to make sure he had considered all the legal points he needed to before taking on his first associate. This is a significant step for a dentist and it’s vital to prepare in an appropriate way before you do […]

How to tap into more hygiene profit

For the majority of dental business owners hygiene is an area of untapped potential.I recommend focusing on hygiene as a separate ‘business within your business’. When you look at the profit per hour you make from hygiene compared to your associates you start to see why. This is because an associate who is paid 45% […]

Worried about your cashflow? Here’s the key…

Maintaining adequate cashflow is a key factor in the success of any business. So if you’re worried about your cashflow, the key is to look forward on a rolling basis. I recommend adopting a 13 week cashflow forecast model. We provide our clients with a template into which your bank account balance figure can be […]

What prices should dentists charge?

I often speak to dentists who want to raise their pay-as-you-go prices for patients. If this includes you, here’s the process I recommend to ensure you set them at the right level… First of all, ask yourself when was the last time you increased your prices?Always look to make increases either at the start of the calendar year […]