Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) may be in vogue in the financial press, however are they really suitable for all dentists. Since “pension simplification legislation” took effect in April 2006 the interest in SIPPs has gathered momentum as investors have become increasingly interested in the concept of managing their own investment portfolio for pension provision. […]

The NHS Pension- secure in the eye of the financial storm?

With a diet of negativity on mortgage borrowing from the national press and savings rates at a historically low level many dentists are wondering in which direction their financial planning is heading. With a raft of recent changes to the NHS Pension Scheme we recap here on the specific benefits for dentists and consider if […]

Mortgages and interest rates – Where are we now?

2008 and 2009 were great years for mortgage borrowers with variable rate loans. The Bank of England tried desperately to shore up the economy with successive cuts perhaps ending in the historically low rate of 0.5% in March 2009. Past experience shows it is only a matter of time before rates begin to creep up. […]


Libran is delighted to offer a new recruitment service that has been designed to reflect concerns expressed by a number of clients regarding their staff. On closer investigation we have concluded that many dentists employ the wrong people in the first place because their interviewing techniques are either poor or they really don’t have a […]

Initial aspects of Selling a Practice

You may have been thinking for some time of retirement; moving to a less responsible position as an Associate or making a new career move. Whenever the thought of selling your Practice becomes fixed then your first move should be to have your Practice valued by an experienced valuer and you need look no further […]

Practice Protection – implications of employment law

ACAS has published its annual report for 2007-2008 The figures show a 50% rise over the last year in the number of tribunal claims received by ACAS for conciliation, from 105,177 to 151,249. With some Employment Tribunal claims including multiple complaints, the total number of complaints rose from 180,420 last year to 227,497 this year […]

Look to the future

Ideally, retirement is an exciting time, which if prepared for properly, should see career efforts come to fruition. However for some, retirement is an event that has not been prepared for and inevitably will fill individuals with uncertainty. Knowing where you stand with pension and retirement planning is crucial, and the first step towards planning […]

Thinking of investing – why now?

Independent Financial Adviser and Director of Practice Financial Management Ltd (PFM) Jon Drysdale considers Bears, Bulls and how Investment History has a habit of repeating itself. The economic turmoil of 2008 was unprecedented- or so you might think. Readers might be interested to know that a rapid plunge in the value of global stocks or […]


If you are a dentist looking to purchase either a practice with an existing lease, or set up a squat with a new lease, you need to be aware of your statutory rights when it comes to renewing the lease at the end of the contractual term. Unless you are fortunate enough to be offered […]