Practice structure

Want to transform your practice into a business? It’s a question of structure… Matthew Rogers, Client Account Director at specialist accountants to dentists Clear Vision, explains the significant benefits to dentists when they adopt a principle of matching their revenue to profit. In preparing my presentation for the latest series of Medi-cruit ‘Practice Matters’ seminars, […]

A warning to all Joint Dental Practice Owners

The following true story may just affect you!Ignore it at your peril!The names have been changed for the sake of confidentiality but the facts are accurate! Jane is a young mother of three delightful children. She has been happily married to a successful man for twelve years. Try to picture the scene. Just two weeks […]

Working as part of your team

In today’s competitive market, dental professionals need all the help they can get to have the edge over their rivals. Stay ahead of the game by enlisting the help of the Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists (ASPD). The ASPD gives dentists easy access to a wealth of experienced professional service providers for the dental […]

ASPD: You do the dentistry, we do the business

Members of the Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists (ASPD) know how to guide dentists through the time-consuming maze of finance, law, real estate and insurance which can all too often distract clinicians from doing what they do best – caring for patients. To emphasise this fact, the ASPD has launched their new logo ‘You […]

ASPD – Trustworthy services guaranteed

As a dental professional, you will doubtless have experienced the overwhelming quantity of companies vying to give you their expert advice on areas such as law, business and finance. It is often hard to decide which company is likely to provide the most suitable service, and that is where the Association of Specialist Providers to […]

A warning to all Dental Practices commissioning software

Many dentists assume that when they commission a software developer to build a customised software programme for them, that they own the copyright to that software. In reality, however, the law states that copyright remains the property of the software developer unless they agree to a transfer of ownership to the commissioner in writing that. […]

Advice You Can Rely On

Dentists trust in the Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists (ASPD) for relevant and professional solutions that meet specific needs within their industry. Depend on the ASPD for access to businesses that have proven to be superb assets to the dental industry. Membership ensures that clients receive reliable advice from the best service providers in […]

Are lenders still lending?

The economic situation over the last couple of years, with the government having to support several banks, has resulted in a huge change in the way banks lend money. So what are lenders looking for, to enable them to lend you money? Deposit Lenders are now pricing interest rates be it fixed or variable based […]