Marketing your Dental Practice: The Memorable Moment – how and why you should use it to make your practice more successful

Recent research suggests that it is no longer enough to provide a great customer experience if you want your business to be talked about and grow through positive word-of-mouth.

It suggests that businesses, dental businesses included, need to incorporate ‘memorable moments’ for customers.

So it would seem you need to take your ‘internal marketing’ – the way you care for and deal with your existing patients – a step further, if you want your practice to thrive through marketing which is both low-cost and powerful.

So let’s get down to basics. What is a Memorable Moment?

A Memorable Moment is created when a patient experiences something notable and unexpected that makes a positive lasting impression. Something the person will continue to associate with your dental business.

Memorable Moments connected to your practice may not be as life-changing as the personal moments we experience. They can be ‘small’ by comparison. But they are unusual and that’s what makes them so powerful.

The power comes when you create a moment which is unexpected and remarkable. And it stands to reason, doesn’t it?.. If you want to be remarked on, you need to be remarkable!

So encourage your team to spot opportunities to create memorable moments for patients.

And you can work with your team to systemise them too. Memorable Moments don’t just have to be spontaneous.

Get your team together to work on two areas:

1. Your Patient journey

Look at the different stages in your patient journey and ask your team to consider:

  • What do you think the business does well?
  • What do you think the business does less well?
  • How can we make it even better?

2. Memorable Moments

And then take it to the next step. Ask your team to consider:

  • What are the 5 unexpected things we could do for our patients today?:

Brainstorming these questions with a dental team recently, I offered the following thought processes in the creation of memorable moments:

  • How can you make the most of our 5 senses?
  • How can you use seasonal occasions
  • How can you amuse / educate children in a way which is remarkable for the child and parent?
  • How can you create memorable moments for nervous patients?
  • How can you create moments patients will remember linked to helping your community / the global community?
  • How can memorable moments for specific patients be created via their individual characters and interests?
  • How can you have fun as a team, which will transfer to patient fun?
  • How can you celebrate the everyday for patients?
  • How can you help patients take a moment and feel special? Sat with you may be the first and only chance they get to relax all day!
  • How can you use particular team members’ non dental interests and skills to create memorable moments for patients?

These are just a few ideas you can consider.

So how are you going to encourage your team to consider Memorable Moments?

What do you already do to create Memorable Moments for your patients?

You can enter any comments, questions and queries on Memorable Moments below and I will be sure to respond promptly.

You are invited to call Dee Gerrish on 01249 712074 for an informal, no obligation discussion on your patient experience.

COMING FROM DEE NEXT MONTH: Now that you know the thought processes to create Memorable Moments, Dee will share how you can leverage your good work in this area to generate a consistent stream of patients recommending new patients to you.

Original Article: Marketing your Dental Practice: The Memorable Moment – how and why you should use it to make your practice more successful
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