Marketing Your Dental Practice: 5 Questions to help you plan ahead

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calendarYou may not associate a dentist with a fashion designer but the two occupations have more in common than you might think. At least in terms of planning ahead…

You see just like a fashion designer looks forward and creates their designs two seasons ahead, a successful dentist gets creative in planning their marketing in advance.

They identify upcoming opportunities to latch onto, predict what their patients might welcome, and plan their promotional activities accordingly.

Here are five questions they ask. You can ask them too to give your marketing a ‘shot in the arm’:

1. What might my patients require at that time of the year?

Have a think about what your patients start to think about and when they think about it.

As Christmas approaches, thoughts turn to festive occasions and events. We start to think about meeting up with people and celebrating with them. This is a great chance for you to promote whitening to your patients who are ‘dreaming of a white Christmas’. Or a course of intensive hygiene sessions to improve their confidence in their smile.

The New Year represents a time when we make resolutions to improve health. Make sure the local community know you are there for new patients and families who want to include better dental health in their plans. Stress the benefits of adopting a new dental health regime to patients who are tough to recall.

2.What health related campaigns are coming up?

There is a programme of health awareness months, weeks and days every year.

For instance, Mouth Cancer Awareness Week 2015 is 10 – 15 November. There are dentists who are currently linking to this in their promotion of the benefit of their exams. Some are offering complimentary mouth cancer checks to get potential new patients and returning patients through the door.

Missed it this time? Go online to check next year’s dates and put it in your planner for 2016.

National Smile MonthWorld Heart DayWear It Pink Day… they all provide opportunities for you to incorporate in your marketing and PR activities.

3. What seasonal opportunities can we make the most of?

Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day…

How are you using this type of occasion to highlight an offer or gain some extra local press coverage?

Successful dental businesses use these events to have fun as a team and with their patients too.

4. When are our patients most likely to be taking breaks?

Consider the ‘family diary’. What happens and when?

A number of dentists I know make use of school half term dates by reserving sessions for children and successfully boost their UDA count.

Others highlight weekend and evening appointments to accommodate families while their children are at school.

5. What key local events are coming up?

Successful dental businesses are often an active part of the local community and raise awareness of their practices through taking part in local events.

How can you get seen as you enjoy closer community links?

Consider this question if you feel it’s time for your practice to raise its profile.

Are you marketing by luck or design? It pays to plan ahead and when you do, your marketing becomes more focused and effective.

Whether you want to discuss these questions, ideas which are already working for other dentists, writing a press release or anything else marketing based, simply leave your request below. I’m always happy to chat informally to dentists and would be glad to help you without obligation. So take the chance and start to plan ahead now – just leave me a message in the box below.

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