Marketing Your Dental Practice: 5 Key Questions to ask yourself for 2015

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If, like many dentists, you have a goal of practice growth in 2015, the analysis and planning you do now is vital.

Essentially there are six ways to grow your dental business:

1. Convert your existing patients to existing treatments or services
2. Convert your existing patients to new treatments or services
3. Increase the number of new patients
4. Increase your level of UDAs
5. Increase your fees
6. Buy a list of patients / goodwill of a practice

So which areas should you prioritise? If you haven’t already considered this, here are five key questions to ask yourself now:

1. What marketing is working for your dental business?

Simple but crucial.

Take a look at where your new patients have come from in 2014 (and if you don’t yet measure this I urge you to prioritise creating a system for doing so in 2015). Then consider:

Can you improve the amount you are generating via your existing patients?

A simple calculation of your active patients versus the number of patients who recommend you can be revealing. Make the calculation and consider whether you are happy with the percentage of patients who are currently generating new patients for you. If not, take a look at your patient recommendation systems. Do your patients actually know they can recommend you? And can your patient journey be improved to provide more remarkable moments for patients?

Can you stop paying for advertising or other marketing which doesn’t generate new patients for you?

• Can you redirect these funds to create more promotional materials which help you talk about your treatments with existing patients?

2. What price rises should you make in 2015?

Your business costs have undoubtedly risen over the last few years. Your accountant should clearly illustrate this increase for you.

If you don’t systematically review your prices each year to identify those fees which should be increased, you fail to redress this balance and your subsequently profit margins reduce.

mystery shop exercise can be very useful. This involves someone calling your closest competitors as a potential new patient. It gives you an impression of how your patient experience and prices compare with your rival practices.

Formerly the domain of the retail sector, this exercise is now being used frequently in the dental sector. Chances are, your practice has already been ‘mystery shopped’ more than once, so you should have no qualms about using it to your advantage too.

With knowledge comes confidence. Perhaps there are opportunities for you to raise the price of larger treatments if you are worried about increasing your fees for exams and hygiene appointments. Some dentists do both. Just make sure you complete the exercise annually in order to highlight the opportunities you have, rather than simply seeing your costs rise and doing nothing to balance these additional outgoings with extra income.

It makes sense to consider this in advance and make any price rises in line with the start of the financial year for your business.

3. What untapped profit potential do you already have?

At Clear Vision, we speak to dentists about the 10 big areas of profit potential.

Consider which of these still have potential for you.

For instance, what potential do you have to convert more patients to hygiene? A calculation of your hygiene concentration rate (the amount of patients who could see your hygienist vs. those who are actually attending hygiene appointments) provides a great, and often eye-opening, indicator.

Have you assessed the working structure in your business to match your revenue to profit?

Can your exam and hygiene patient recall rates be improved further?

4. What is your 2015 marketing strategy?

When you review the key areas of profit potential you reveal opportunities to improve systems and carry out specific projects to drive the growth of your business. You create your marketing strategy.

It’s important to collate these actions into a plan for 2015. The earlier you do this, the more of the year remains to take the action and generate growth.

A key part of your Practice Manager’s role should be managing this plan for you, so you can make the most of your own time. So agree the plan with them at the start of the year and make reviewing the plan progress a standard part of your meetings with them.

Your marketing strategy will dictate some of the Key Performance Indicators you should track throughout the year via your One Page Plan. And it should ultimately contribute to achieving your business vision.

5. Are you capturing the stories you create for your patients?

Last but definitely not least…

Giving your patients confidence in a healthier, fresher mouth creates a difference to them. So does giving them a brighter, straighter smile.

A key part of the process of promoting the ‘magic’ in what you do is capturing and sharing these stories with potential new patients.

Make sure you create a system with your team to identify and capture these stories. In marketing terms they are worth their weight in gold.

Need to discuss your 2015 marketing strategy? At Clear Vision we are always happy to talk to dentists and you are welcome to call us on 01249 712074 for an informal chat or leave any queries you may have in the box below. Go for it…

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2015!

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