How do your recall and new patient rates measure up?

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Clear Vision’s third annual Dental Business KPI Report is now hot of the press.

Once again, it reveals the average results we see for four of the most powerful KPIs. Four powerful KPIs which make a difference to the top line financial results of your dental business.

You can now get your copy to see how your results stack up and also benefit from the latest insights we share to help you emulate the results of the ‘top fifth’.

Are you one of the high achievers?

The new report reveals that some 20% of UK dental businesses continue lead the way…

These dental businesses are generating noticeably higher results than the rest of the pack.

For instance, doubling the average amount of new patients recommended by their existing patients.

Or generating a whopping 300% more new patients through their websites.

Just what are these high achievers doing?

Our findings show that these dental teams provide a consistently remarkable and memorable patient experience. I purposely use these words to describe the experience they provide because it is genuinely leaving an impression and inspiring their patients to make positive remarks about their trip to dentist to their friends and colleagues.

The outcome is their patients are happy to return to see them and see the value in doing so. So much so, the amount of patients they need to recall is noticeably reducing.

These teams are also constantly ‘playing the numbers game’, putting in place robust systems, including to make it easy for their patients to talk about them. And consistently measuring the results of their activities in an effort to keep improving the outcomes they see.

They recognise that times have changed and this needs to be reflected in what they do. For example, they ensure their websites are easy to use on all devices, from desktop computers to tablets and mobiles.

They’re working with focus and energy to create a difference which their patients enjoy.

Want to know how your recall and new patient figures stack up against the UK averages?

Want to read more insights to help you fly with the high achievers?

Be sure to get your copy of the KPI report.

If you would like to discuss your results or the contents of this report, remember you are welcome to leave your questions and comments below.

I’m also always glad to chat to dentists on an informal basis. Just get in touch!

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Original Article: How do your recall and new patient rates measure up?
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