Libran is delighted to offer a new recruitment service that has been designed to reflect concerns expressed by a number of clients regarding their staff.

On closer investigation we have concluded that many dentists employ the wrong people in the first place because their interviewing techniques are either poor or they really don’t have a clear idea of what they are looking for. Effectively, without help, they will never get the correct balance with their staff let alone build a team.

Our new service goes right back to basics and is managed in the following way:

1. Libran has a meeting with the principal/s to establish exactly what they are looking for and what duties they want the employee to cover. There are occasions when the principal/s isn’t sure what they want the employee to do or where they will fit in with the existing team. We offer suggestions and options to help the principal/s get a clearer picture of what is needed.
2. Once this has been achieved, and it may take several conversations to get a clear picture, we produce a job description and design an advert and place it in the relevant newspapers etc. All responses come to us and we sieve through and compile a short list of suitable applicants. These are forwarded to the principal who either agrees or disagrees for them to attend an interview.
3. We arrange suitable times for interviewing. The principals are given a script of the interview procedure and for someone who has never done this before it can be extremely useful and productive. Normally we chair the interview with the principal giving information regarding the vision of the future of the practice to the interviewee at an appropriate time.
4. Further to this a decision is made and if a second interview is appropriate a future date is agreed.
5. Once a successful applicant has been found we finalise the job description previously designed to accommodate the principal/s’ wishes and a draft contract is also given to give an indication of what is expected of them. We always recommend legal advice is sought regarding any final contract.
6. If further training is necessary we can provide this.

Our fees for this service are based on the time taken but rarely work out any more than using an employment agency. I hope you agree this hands-on approach is excellent value for money and should produce the right employee for the right role.

If you know of any clients you feel could benefit from this service or any other service Libran offers please put them in touch.

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