ASPD: You do the dentistry, we do the business

Members of the Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists (ASPD) know how to guide dentists through the time-consuming maze of finance, law, real estate and insurance which can all too often distract clinicians from doing what they do best – caring for patients. To emphasise this fact, the ASPD has launched their new logo ‘You do the dentistry, we do the business’ as part of the Association’s rebranding strategy.

A unique network of professionals specialising in the provision of exceptional business services to the dental profession, the ASPD offers a wealth of expertise covering all business areas of dentistry. Whether working with the new PDA Plus contract, selling or buying a practice, employing staff, or investing for the future, the ASPD is fully versed in all of the new protocols, regulations and standards.

ASPD members are professionals that can be relied upon for experience when dealing with business and financial plans. They understand client needs, as well as the inevitable problems and opportunities that can arise; confidently offering the right advice and help needed. All members are required to prove their experience, commitment and dedication to dentistry before being accepted as an ASPD member company. If you are looking for a specialist who is experienced in dealing with dental practices, contact an ASPD member today.

Let ASPD do the business while you do the dentistry.

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