A Treasure Trove of Dental Services

Members of the Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists (ASPD) are renowned for their ability to provide a range of quality services, specifically tailored to the dental industry. The ASPD website is a treasure trove of specialist providers ranging from accountants and solicitors to valuers and sales agents all of whom have an excellent track record in working with dentists.

Why use the ASPD to find a professional adviser? The answer is simple: all members understand the issues facing dentists today and you can trust the advice given by an ASPD member. Proof is required to demonstrate that the member has a significant number of dentists as clients and that these clients are happy with their professional advice. What’s more, should the need arise, ASPD members with mutual clients can work together to ensure the dentist gets the advice they need to suit their individual circumstances.

For practitioners with a specific challenge to overcome, or for those who are just looking to kick-start their business, the ASPD offers a broad portfolio of professionals to suit their needs, including:

• Solicitors
• Accountants
• Banks
• Independent Financial Advisers
• Valuers and Sales Agents
• Insurance Brokers
• Leasing & Finance Specialists

In today’s competitive market, dental professionals need to stay ahead of the game and the ASPD should be the first port of call for dentists looking for someone they can trust, offering a high-quality service and professional advice.

For more information on the ASPD please call 0800 458 6773 or visit www.aspd.co.uk

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