2016 and The Big Elephant in the Room

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For over five years, one of the dentists I have the pleasure of knowing fretted about how to change his dental business. How he would finally move it forward.

It was the same story. elephant

He had ideas. He wanted to make changes. But he constantly found road blocks in his business which would drive him off course. And subsequently he failed to make the business breakthroughs he was looking for.

As we discussed this challenging situation, the name of one of his team members kept cropping up.

We often found ourselves discussing this person and how they were able to put the kibosh on the dentist’s plans. Provide him with reasons not to go ahead.

We kept discussing this team member in his board meetings but with no action taken and I highlighted how his name kept cropping up again and again. The dentist acknowledged this but simply sidestepped the subject.

You can sense how frustrating this situation was for the dentist. He knew he needed to do something but felt fearful if dealing with it.

In 2015, during a full and frank board meeting, he finally made a decision.

It wasn’t easy to take. The team member had been with him for a number of years. But he simply couldn’t face going through 2016 in the same way, looking for his dental business to evolve and meeting obstructions.

So he took a deep breath and vowed to deal with the big elephant in the room.

He had been walking around it for so long. Not dealing with it. But now he would negotiate the exit of this team member from his business.

You can sense what an uncomfortable proposition this was. But he got some specialist advice and the team member soon left the business.

2016 has now taken on a different sheen for him.

He has breathed new life into his team and taken back control of his business. The New Year is his oyster.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

So here’s my question to you…

Are you going to settle for more of the same in 2016 or will you deal with the elephant in your room?

Elephants can be difficult to deal with. Especially the big ones. But imagine making 2016 the year you get past it. The year you are able to set and achieve some real goals.

Now is the time to resolve to do something about it. To look forward and set your goals for the New Year, both personal and for your business (you should also write a list of what you have managed to achieve in 2015 and celebrate accordingly).

Personal and business goals are closely related of course. Perhaps you need to consider how you can access the untapped potential in your business. To generate additional income and work less yourself. To have more time for yourself and your family.

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to take up a specialist course and need to claw back more time and space to do this.

Whatever your goals, you appreciate it makes sense to achieve by design rather than relying on luck.

So go ahead and make some clear goals. Just make sure you put dealing with your big elephant at the top of the list.

I am passionate about creating a difference for dentists and their families. I would be pleased to have a chat with you and give you some informal support with your particular challenge. Simply call me on 01249 712074.

If you’d prefer, you can leave a comment or ask me a question in the box below. I’ll be sure to respond.

Wishing you a happy, successful and elephant-free 2016.

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Original Article: 2016 and The Big Elephant in the Room
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