A summery Budget for some

The Summer Budget was greeted with a warm welcome by some but no doubt received a frosty reception from others. We look at the winners and losers from the announcements on a scale of ‘what’s hot and what’s not’.   Key Announcement Winners and losers Hot, Hot, Hot Personal allowance increase to £11,000 in 2016/17 The personal allowance continues […]

Digital furture

With the Conservatives taking a majority government in the 2015 election, it appears that they may now have to carry out their promise of ditching the tax return, as we know it, and moving to digital accounts. This was a surprise announcement in the March Budget with a glossy document published explaining (or not as […]

Dividends – A complete overhaul

The Summer Budget included the announcement of a complete overhaul of the dividend tax system.  We would like to confirm that the new regime is not being brought in until April 2016 so there is no need to alter your remuneration strategy now and the detailed draft legislation has not yet been released, so we are […]

2016 and The Big Elephant in the Room

For over five years, one of the dentists I have the pleasure of knowing fretted about how to change his dental business. How he would finally move it forward. It was the same story. He had ideas. He wanted to make changes. But he constantly found road blocks in his business which would drive him […]