Preparing for retirement

Retirement is an emotive subject for anyone, but if you have your own business, there is far more to consider than just giving up work. This is especially true for dentists who will have spent many years and invested so much in building and managing their practice. Being a dentist is about caring for people, […]

Are You Prepared to Forfeit your most Valuable Asset

For most dentists the goodwill in their practice is one of, if not the, most valuable financial assets they own. If you have an NHS contract and this is held in your sole name, it might come as a shock to discover that on your death the PCT has the right to terminate the contract […]

The Ticking Time Bomb of Flawed Incorporation

Few dentists would boast that they possessed a detailed knowledge of the intricacies or consequences of incorporating a small business, and the often distressing discovery of improperly or unwisely converted dental practices into limited companies as a result of ‘DIY’, poor accountancy advice or a mixture of both becoming increasingly common. Legal errors, a lack of […]

Why expert legal advice is vital in dentistry

In any business, there are times when taking expert legal advice is essential to avoid expensive complications and disagreements. In dentistry that necessity can be especially pressing, and the peculiarities of the system makes it vital that specialist lawyers are used. While all industries can involve complicated contracts and property ownership issues, many of them […]

Marketing your Dental Practice: Your Top 7 Tips for a more effective patient recall message

As dentists compete strongly and with continuing uncertainty in the sector, it is more important than ever to hang on to your existing patients. Here are 7 powerful tips to make your patient recall communications more effective. 1. Your message needs more… ‘Our records show you are due for your next appointment, please call us’ […]