Smile questionnaires blog part 2

As promised, here’s part two of my guide to creating and using effective smile questionnaires. In part one, we looked at the design and completion of your questionnaire. Now let’s move on to putting completed questionnaires to use. Once your patient indicates on the form that they have a need to solve a problem, or […]

Hygiene maximisation blog

Clear Vision’s Marketing Consultant Dee Gerrish revealed the average private patient recall figures across UK dental practices in 2011 in our last blog. Now it’s my turn to share another statistic of interest to you… We’ve calculated the average hygiene concentration rate across the many dental practices who entrust their monthly results to us. In […]

The Clear Vision Annual Dental Business KPI Review 2012

The Clear Vision Annual Dental Business KPI Report 2012 Measure to improve the results of your dental business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are not figures you find in your annual accounts. Neither are they included in your monthly or quarterly management accounts. And yet, as accountants to dentists and dental business consultants, we continue to […]