Contact Person:Alan Suggett
Phone:0191 243 6009
St James' Boulevard
Newcastle upon Tyne

Dental Business Unit – a dedicated team of accounting and tax professionals looking after over 160 dentistsPractice Profit Benchmarking – to help dentist business owners maximise profitsStrategic Planning – helping dentists on their path to success (profit and / or more time on the golf course!)Specialist expertise – incorporations, NHS Pensions, practice sales and purchasesThe UNW Dental Business Unit, which looks after over 160 dentist clients, is led by Alan Suggett.  Alan writes regularly for the dental press, and contributed to the Dental Practice Health Check which was published in late 2007.  He also presents on the series of BDA seminars "Preparing for retirement”. He is a member of the National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants & Lawyers (NASDAL), a member of the technical committee, and chair of the NHS Superannuation committee (which liaises with the BDA Pension committee). Alan is the editor of a goodwill survey which analyses practice sales, purchases, and valuations on a quarterly basis.