The First Step to Overcome Your Competition

A dentist I met this week has a new competitor in town.

It’s disconcerting when your competition increases. But having confidence that your patient experience is strong will help alleviate your concerns. I shared tips on enhancing this area last month.

Your patient experience begins with the first contact with your practice.

You can encourage potential new patients to contact you via your website and so on, but if their experience of contacting you the first time is poor, they won’t come to see you.

So a strong first impression gives you the best chance of someone choosing your practice as opposed to a competitor. I recommend you see the arrival of a new competitor as an opportunity to strengthen this point of contact.

Ask someone you trust to contact your practice posing as a potential new patient, both by email and phone. Also via your online booking system if you have one.

Crucially, ask them to let you know how these experiences made them feel.

Did they feel like they would be welcomed at your practice? Like your receptionist was pleased and eager to get to know them?

A potential patient decides whether or not to choose your practice as a result of this experience. So make sure the impression given is one of a happy, welcoming and accomplished team.

It pays to ask someone who is experienced in this area to carry out this exercise for you. That way, you’ll get some useful results which will highlight where your first impression is strong and how you can make it better.

If you’d like to discuss having a review of your first impression, leave your request in the box below. Alternatively, just call me on 01249 712074 or email me at [email protected]. I’ll be pleased to discuss how I can carry this out for you.

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